The seventh generation descendent of Cornelius Vanderbilt, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin could have gone on to lead the privileged life of a debutante. Dubbed the “Rebel Heiress” by Prestige Magazine, she chose to pursue her dreams of being an artist instead, immersing herself full force into the world of dance-pop music.

In addition to founding her own record label, C&R Records, Consuelo has performed around the world and shared the stage with such notable artists as Mya, Tweet ,Vanessa Carlton and Joe Cocker.

Among her many accomplishments, Consuelo performed “God Bless America” at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and twice performed for hundreds of thousands at Capital Pride in Washington D.C and was asked to perform for Fashion Week in NY and Los Angeles.

As her affinity for dance music continues to evolve, Consuelo delves deeper into beats and production, finding inspiration in artists like David Guetta and Calvin Harris.

Her first dance single “Naked” spent 16 weeks on the Billboard charts and reached #12.

Her follow-up single “Feel So Alive” reached #23 on the U.S. Billboard Dance Charts.

Consuelo’s third single, “Here We Go” captured the attention of the US, German, French,

Polish and UK DJs and landed her in the German club charts for the first time. It was being played by thousands of DJs in Europe which placed her in the German DDP top 100 and the UK Music Week Commercial Pop Charts top 11, Digital DJ Charts top 3 (Poland), top 15 in the US Dance Billboard.

The video entered in at #2 on myvideo.de and was broadcasted in McDonald’s channel in Germany (the biggest instore TV), MTV.de, VIVA.tv to name a few.

Consuelo’s fourth single “Body Needs” reached #5 on the Billboard charts.

Consuelo Costin was recently featured in some of the biggest TV shows in Germany. Fernsehgarten for ZDF in 2012, and the Taff series in 2013 for Pro Sieben TV (Rockin Berlin) which earned the network record ratings, with five million viewers in Europe, N-TV with 6 episodes of the luxury series Premium Lounge, end 2014.

Consuelo was the cover girl for the double summer 2013 issue of 25A magazine and for Raine Magazine, first quarter 2014 issue. 25A previous covers include: Natalie Portman,

Gwyneth Paltrow, Kiera Chaplin. She also has 3 page-spread in the Sept/August 2013 issue of Cliché Magazine.

An estimated 50+million people have been exposed to Consuelo and her music so far, on a worldwide scale.

After losing her mother Serena Vanderbilt McCallum to Ovarian Cancer, Consuelo dedicates herself to educating women and helping to find a cure for the disease. She currently serves as Vice President of the Ovarian Cancer Coalition of Greater California.